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EnMusicDigit is a project co-funded by the European Union, and the MusicAIRE project (An Innovative Recovery for Europe) under the 2020 Annual work programme for the implementation of the “Preparatory Action – Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent”. The project was awarded to STAVE Encrypt. It aims to address the digital challenges posed to musicians during the pandemic by supporting their digital upskilling and recovery. 

The project developed a MOOC training for musicians on NFTs. The training course aims to equip musicians with the knowledge and digital skills that will allow them to become resilient and more efficient in distributing and monetising their work. 

It will also support the musicians’ recovery from the challenges faced during the two years of the pandemic by exploiting the potential new digital technologies offer and thus boosting the income of struggling musicians.

Music Concert

The project’s main objectives are:


  • Support musicians to develop and increase their digital skills to face the results of the COVID-19 crisis and keep up with the digitalisation of the music sector.


  • To spread knowledge on blockchain technologies and NFTs among musicians in Cyprus and abroad and how they can benefit music production.


  • To equip musicians with digital skills in developing NFTs and promoting them on relevant platforms.


  • To offer alternative solutions and means of monetising the musicians’ artwork.


  • To combat piracy and protect musicians’ property rights on their productions.

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